Sweden´s new electronic identity has arrived!

Freja eID is the key to the digital life and Freja eID+ is the first mobile eID approved by the Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation.

Freja eID comes with three levels of identity assurance and with the highest level, Freja eID+, you will be able to access even more services with your eID.

To activate the higher levels Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+, you will need to register some additional information and visit a Freja eID agent for an ID vetting.

Freja eID – an ecosystem for identities

With Freja eID you users can log in, sign and communicate via a secure and user-friendly mobile app.

But Freja eID is much more than that – it is an ecosystem for identities open for all – e-commerce, insurance companies, associations, gambling operators, small companies, unions, banks, authorities – in short, all.

By becoming a part of the ecosystem you will get access to secure user identities and can create a value from your own. As the number of members grows, the larger the value the ecosystem becomes for you and your users.

A unique network at your service

Freja eID is the only eID that can provide a smooth and countrywide service for ID control of the users.

The user downloads Freja eID to his or her mobile device and makes a self-registration. For accessing certain services, the identity of the user must be verified by upgrading to either Freja eID Extended or Freja eID+.

The ID verification process has been the missing piece to creating a new eID scheme in Sweden. With our nationwide network stores, we can do the physical ID check of the users, required for KYC in many industries or to make the eID accredited for access to public services.


Easy to get started

After signing an agreement with Freja eID, all you need to get started is a simple integration on your end and that your users download the app and register.

If you need the highest level of identity assurance (Freja eID+) the users go to the nearest ATG shop to show his or her ID. If some of your users already exist in the Freja eID ecosystem, they will of course not have to register again.

Get in touch with Mikael Emmet Johansson for more information on +46 8 723 09 00 or by email mikael.emmet.johansson@frejaeid.com