User convenience at the core

Freja eID is made up of a mobile application used for login and signing to all the services that are connected to the user´s eID. The second part is a web portal – My Pages – where the users can control how his or her eID is to be used and has a full record of their user history.

Freja eID is not only an eID, it’s more like a remote control for the digital life. With new, innovative features we provide your users with more control and a higher level of security. This opens an array of opportunities for customer interaction and new business.

The user in focus

Freja eID is made up of a mobile app, used for login and signing in all the services connected to the user´s eID.

The other part is a web portal – My Pages – where the user can control which services the eID can be used for and also get an overview of the user history.

Simple login

To log in to a service, all the user has to provide is the username or the personal number.

A push notification is sent to the Freja eID application on the mobile, where the user can approve login to the specified service using a fingerprint or a PIN-code.

Smooth signing

With the signing function, the user can sign and approve transactions, agreements, orders or any other digital activity.

The signing is as smooth as the login, using a fingerprint or a PIN-code.

Secure messages

Email and SMS are insecure means of communication, vulnerable to fraud attacks. Letters are not very much more secure and on top of that, very costly.

With Secure Messages in Freja eID, a new and secure communication channel is opened to all your users. The recipient of the message can be 100% certain that you were sending it and you can be as certain that the intended recipient received the message as it is verified by the user with a fingerprint or a PIN-code.

Control of user history

In My Pages, the user can overview which logins, signings and verifications he or she has done in the past.

This brings an added level of security and a layer of trust in the digital services you provide.

Simple reset

The more services you connect with Freja eID, the less hassle you will have with time consuming password resets.

However, there are times when the user needs to do a reset – for example when changing the PIN or getting a new mobile device. Thanks to the fact that Freja eID uses an extra security layer in the registration, the reset can be made very easily by the user.