Something for every budget

Freja eID has an offer for your organisation´s need around e-identification.

Freja eID Pro is a great entry-level plan, both for increasing security and enhancing your user experience. Freja eID Premium adds a lot more features and flexibility.

Please note that there is no limitation of which user types you can include in the different plans. In the Pro plan, your users can be on both the Basic and the Plus level. The difference is only on which level you can make the authentication and signing requests. Freja eID is always free for the end user.

The LOA-levels (Levels Of Assurance) below refers to the NIST-standards. Note that the officially certified LOA3 level currently only is available in Sweden.



  • Unlimited use for all users
  • Two-factor authentication on the Basic level (LOA1)
  • Digital signatures on the Basic level (LOA1)
  • Up to 3 email addresses as attribute/username
  • My Pages


0.1 Euro

  • Price per user per month
  • Two-factor authentication on the Plus level (LOA3)
  • Digital signatures on the Plus level (LOA3)
  • Up to 3 email addresses as attribute/username
  • Personal number as attribute/username
  • 1 attribute/username of choice in our database
  • Unlimited number of attribute connections
  • Enterprise connection
  • My Pages



  • We’ll help you find the right solution for your needs whether you procure directly or via your system integrator