Who Can Have Freja?

Anyone can download the Freja app and register an account with a valid email. However, their experience will be greatly limited as most of Freja’s features require a higher level of registration.

This page is about who is eligible to get Freja, for more information we also have a full registration guide that explains the process.

Who Can Add their ID Document to Freja

Adding an ID document to Freja is a higher level of registration where we create your digital ID card and open up more features in Freja.

Naturally, Swedish citizens can register with their ID document. Additionally, there are 52 countries more who can use their biometric passport to register a Freja account.

If your country is eligible, you will see it in the Freja app. If your country is not on the list, keep an eye out as we are adding more countries to Freja constantly.

Who Can Have Freja+

Swedish Citizens Living in Sweden

Are You Living Abroad?

Do You Have a Protected Identity?