You are up and running in a minute!

Freja eID comes with three levels of identity assurance. To activate the basic level,  just install the app on your mobile, register and you are done. Now you can use Freja eID to services requiring the lower level of identity assurance.

To use Freja eID with services requiring the higher level of assurance, you need to upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+. This is done by registering some additional details and then vetting your identity at one of Freja eID’s many agents in Sweden. The process is very simple and each step is explained to you in the app.
Freja eID+ is an eID officially approved by the Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation.

Freja eID, Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+ are always free of charge and free of advertisements.

Install & register

Freja eID is available for iOS (version 10 and later) and Android (version 5 and later). Download the app from App Store or Google Play to get started.

After approving the terms and conditions, you are asked to register an email address. This will be your initial Freja eID username. A confirmation email is sent and you need to confirm within 10 minutes.

The final step is choosing a PIN code and activating your fingerprint if you wish to make logging in and signing even more secure and easy. Always keep the PIN a secret!

Now you are all set for using the basic level of Freja eID and to upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+.

Upgrade to Freja eID Extended

Some online services and websites require a higher level of identity assurance and to enable you to access them with Freja eID, you have the option to upgrade to Freja eID Extended.

As soon as you have registered Freja eID, the action ”Apply for Freja eID Extended” will appear in the action list of your app. When you want to do the free upgrade, just click on the action icon.

You are now asked to choose an ID document and scan it in the app. As an extra protection against ID theft, we have added face recognition in the app. The ID photo – that you take with the app´s camera feature – will also be used when you do your ID vetting. Your ID photo and ID documentation are then going through a security check. If all data is verified correctly you are automatically upgraded to Freja eID Extended.

Confirm your identity and upgrade to Freja eID+

To upgrade to the highest level, Freja eID+, the final step is for you to confirm your identity by visiting one of Freja eID’s 2000 vetting agents with your mobile and your chosen ID document.

Freja eID is collaborating with ATG (Aktiebolaget Trav & Galopp) for the ID vetting but not all ATG stores are Freja eID agents. To find your nearest agent you can search the map or the list.

In the store, find the ATG cashier and unlock the ID vetting screen with your fingerprint or PIN. Show the phone to the clerk and hand over the ID document you chose in the registration process.

After verifying your details, you will get a notification within three hours if your upgrade was approved.