What Is Freja?

Freja is a government-approved, mobile electronic identity used for identification.

Freja can be used for online identification such as logging in to e-services, or for physical identification as with any physical ID.

What is Freja
Fysiska ID

Freja is Your ID

We use the data you enter during registration to generate a digital ID card that you can use to identify yourself when needed.

Where to use your digital ID card

Freja is accepted at thousands of locations across Sweden as a valid ID document.

Learn more about the digital ID card in Freja.

Freja is Your e-ID

Freja offers a smooth and secure login and signing experience online at more than 500 connected e-services.

Full transparency

When logging into an e-service, you will always see all of the data that you are sharing.

A history of all actions is also visible in My Pages.

Electronic Signatures

Legally-binding electronic signatures are also supported in Freja.

Say Goodbye to Passwords

Freja replaces passwords by allowing you to authenticate with your biometrics – fingerprint or face unlocking, or Face ID on iPhones.