What is Freja

What Is Freja?

Freja is a free, government-approved mobile electronic identity.

It allows you to access more than 300 online services, contains a digital ID card that you can use instead of your ID document at more than 5000 locations, and allows you to store and show your Covid Certificate.

Freja eID+ also comes with a free ID protection that alerts you whenever there is a change to your address in the Tax Agency’s Register (Folkbokföringsdatabasen).

Freja Is Your Digital ID Card

Prove your identity

Your digital ID card is generated based on the data you enter during account creation. After we verify your identity, you can use Freja to identify yourself in various situations. Learn more about Freja as an ID card.

Where to use Freja as your ID

PostNord, Kronans Apotek, and ATG are just some of the places that accept Freja as a physical ID. See the full list here.

Identify yourself to other people

You can also share your name, age and photo with other people via social media, SMS or email, regardless if they have Freja or not.

Covid Certificate

Freja Is Your Digital Covid Certificate

The Covid Certificate stored in Freja is a digital card in the app, next to your digital ID card. The data that it can contain is:

  • Vaccination information;
  • Test information;
  • Recovery information.

The benefit of having it in Freja is that it is kept and displayed in a convenient digital form in a single app. This also makes it easy to share via showing or scanning.

Visit covidbevis.se and scan the QR code in your certificate with Freja to add your vaccination, test or recovery data to Freja.

Freja Replaces Passwords

Passwords are annoying to keep track of and increasingly insecure. Let Freja eID do the work for you while you enjoy easy and safe access to an ever-growing number of services.

Check out where you can use Freja on this page.

Safer Online Activities With Freja

QR code login

An option that is even faster and more secure than passwordless login, more and more services connected to Freja eID are beginning to use QR code login. Just scan and approve. See how it works on My Pages.

Eletronic signatures

Freja eID also supports legally-binding electronic signatures.

See what data you are sharing

You will be able to see precisely what data you are sharing with all services connected to Freja. A history of actions is available in My Pages.

Shared Control

If you need help with using an eID, link your Freja account with a trusted person who can help you with every action you take. Don’t be afraid to step into the digital world. Read more about it in our FAQs.