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Here you can find the answers to the most common questions on installing, registering and using Freja eID, along with troubleshooting.

If you can´t find your answer here, please get in touch with our support team via email or phone, every day from 8-22h:

Email: support@frejaeid.com
Phone: 08-38 88 58

If you need to lock your Freja eID, please contact our locking service, open 24/7. Click here for contact information to the locking service.

For corporate support, please click here for contact information.

Important information! If you have the old Android-app installed, please click here for more information about upgrading.


What do I need to get Freja eID?

Du behöver en iPhone eller Android-telefon. Operativsystemet måste vara iOS 10 eller senare och för Android 5.0 och senare.

Freja eID, Freja eID Extended och Freja eID+ är alla kostnadsfria.

How do I get Freja eID?

Freja eID finns för iOS och Android och du börjar med att installera appen på din mobila enhet. För att använda appen måste du också registrera en e-postadress, välja en personlig PIN-kod och välja om du vill aktivera fingeravtryck för inloggning och underskrift.

Freja eID har tre tillitsnivåer och för att uppgradera till de högre nivåerna – Freja eID Extended och Freja eID+ – måste du registrera ytterligare information samt göra en ID-kontroll hos ett Freja eID-ombud.

Which email address should I use?

The email that you register will become your initial Freja eID username so use an address that you will have access to in the foreseeable future. You will also need access to your email within 10 minutes within submitting your registration, to confirm it. The easiest way is if you can access the email on your phone, but you can also confirm the email from a computer as long as you do it within 10 minutes.

How do I choose PIN?

Your PIN will be your personal key that allows you to log in, sign transactions and approve a range of different actions. Select a PIN that no one can guess and never reveal it to anyone. Keep it safe and regard it as a valuable asset. The PIN needs to be minimum 6 digits and up to 30 digits long.

Do I need to use my fingerprint?

The use of fingerprint verification is optional. The idea is, of course, to make the login and signing much more convenient with using your fingerprint. But if you do not want to activate it, Freja eID works just as fine with your PIN for verifying your actions.



Why should I upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+?

Some services require a proper verification of your ”real identity” for you to be able to use your e-ID. To reach the higher levels, you can upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+.

Does the upgrade cost anything?

No. Freja eID, Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+ are always free for the user and free from advertising.

How do I upgrade to Extended?

To upgrade to Freja eID Extended, click “Apply for Extended” in the Freja eID app. Then follow the steps in the app and scan your ID document and take an ID photo. In order to confirm your identity, your ID photo and ID documentation are going through a security check. If all data is verified correctly you are automatically upgraded to Freja eID Extended.

How do I upgrade to Plus?

To upgrade to the highest level, Freja eID+, bring your chosen ID document and mobile phone and visit your nearest Freja eID agent. Freja eID is collaborating with ATG (Aktiebolaget Trav & Galopp) for the ID vetting but not all ATG stores are Freja eID agents. To find your nearest agent you can search the map or the list. In the store, find the ATG cashier and unlock the ID vetting screen with your fingerprint or PIN. Show the phone to the clerk and hand over the ID document you chose in the registration process. After verifying your details, you will get a notification if your upgrade was approved.

Why do you need my Personal identity number?

To conduct the identity assurance, we need to check your details against the official records and thus a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) is required to upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+.

Which ID documents can I use?

In the upgrade process, you need to choose an ID document to bring to the vetting agent. Some of the information from the document should also be entered during the registration in the app. You can use one of the following ID documents:

  • Swedish passport (not temporary)
  • Swedish drivers Licence
  • Swedish National ID card
  • SIS marked ID card

Please note that you need to bring the same ID document to the vetting agent as you used when registering your ID details in the app.

Why do I need to take a picture?

To increase the level of security, we have added face recognition to Freja eID Extended. The ID photo is also used in the vetting process. When upgrading to Plus the vetting agent will compare your ID photo on your phone with your face and your picture on your ID document.

Who will be able to see my ID photo?

Except for the clerk doing your ID vetting, no one but you will have access to your ID photo.

How do I find a vetting agent?

We are doing the ID vetting in collaboration with ATG (Aktiebolaget Trav & Galopp). ATG has around 2000 stores in Sweden and most of them – but not all – are able to do the vetting. You will find your nearest ATG store, that also is a Freja eID agent, by searching the map or the list of affiliates in the app.

When is the upgrade finished?

After you have done the ID vetting, we will check your details and verify your information. This can take up to 3 hours and you will be notified when your upgrade is activated.



Confirming your identity to eduID (Only for eduID users)

If you have chosen to verify your identity with Freja eID as an eduID user, first of all, you need to be on the Freja eID+ level. If you have not upgraded to Freja eID+, please check instructions above. If you are on Freja eID+ level, all you have to do is to click the “Confirm identity” action in your action list and then approve the request in the app.

Logging into a service

If a service is connected to Freja eID, you will see the Freja eID logo in the login field. To log in, just enter your email address in the username field, start Freja eID on your mobile phone and approve the action, with fingerprint or PIN.

Signing and approving

All your transactions and other pending actions, that you need to approve by signing, are shown in the action list in your app. To sign, just click the action in question and you will be presented all the information concerning this action. Sign by using your fingerprint or PIN. If you do not wish to approve the action, choose “Decline” and the action will be removed from your action list.

Does Freja eID, Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+ work differently?

Freja eID, Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+ have the same functions and work exactly the same. The only difference is that you can access services with a higher identity assurance requirement with Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+.

My Pages, what is that?

My Pages is your own personal space where you can monitor every login and signing action you have done in the past. You can also enable and disable which services you can access with Freja eID in My Pages. This is a great way to increase internet security – if you have disabled a service, no one claiming to be you can access this service. When you want access to the service, just enable it again in My Pages. Click here to log in to My Pages with your Freja eID.

Restoring your account

If you want to register Freja eID on a new device, you will need to restore your account and redo the registration process. You also need to redo the upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+ and do the ID vetting once again.

Why do I get a restore email?

If you are trying to register the same email adress that you previously have been using in Freja eID, you will get a notification to restore your account.

Locking Freja eID

If you, for some reason, suspect that your Freja eID has come into the wrong hands and want to lock it, you can call our locking service on +46 8 27 00 29. The locking service is open 24/7 and please note that we cannot help you with any other support issues on this phone number. If you lock your Freja eID you will have to restore your account and redo the registration process for Freja eID Extended and the ID vetting for Freja eID+.



What is Freja eID?

Freja eID is an electronic identity on your mobile that allows you to securely log in to online services, sign transactions and approve agreements, using a PIN or your fingerprint. An electronic identity eliminates the need for remembering and managing different passwords. Freja eID also consists of My Pages, which is like a control panel where you can monitor your digital activities, see your action history and disable/enable access to different online services.

What is Freja eID Extended?

Freja eID comes with three levels of identity assurance. Freja eID Extended is required by some services. To upgrade to Freja eID Extended you need to add some personal information in the mobile app.

What is Freja eID+?

The highest level, Freja eID+, is required by some services with even higher trust requirements. To upgrade to Freja eID +, you must do a physical ID verification at one of our Freja eID agents.

How does Freja eID work?

The online services connected to Freja eID have integrated their login and signing features with us. That means that, if you try to log in to a connected service, Freja eID verifies that you are really you by sending an action to your Freja eID app on your mobile. You then either approve or discard the action with the app, using a PIN or your fingerprint. This means that no one else than you can access Freja eID connected services without having access to your phone, your personal PIN or your fingerprint.

Does Freja eID cost anything?

No. Freja eID is free of charge and free from advertising. The upgrade and use of Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+ are also free for users and there is no “buy in app” feature or anything of that kind. Freja eID is a free service for users!

How does Freja eID make money?

Freja eID is free of charge for the user and also free from advertising. To keep it free for users, organisations, which are using Freja eID to let users securely connect with them, are paying for the service.

Who owns Freja eID?

Freja eID is a part of Verisec Freja eID AB which is owned by the Swedish IT-security company Verisec AB (publ). The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden and has offices in seven countries, in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Verisec started in 2002 and serves banks, government and enterprises around the world with cutting edge IT-security solutions around electronic identification and data protection. Verisec is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm.

How do you manage my personal data?

The idea behind Freja eID is to increase internet security and give you more control of your digital life. In line with this philosophy, we treat your personal data with the greatest respect and do not store more information than is necessary to provide you with our services. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Do you share my data with anyone?

We do not sell your data or personal information to anyone. Neither do we share your online activities with anyone. In situations where your data needs to be shared, for a service to work, we will not do it without your explicit consent.

How do I get in touch with Freja eID?

Please check out our contact pages. If you are an end user, please click here and if you are an organisation or partner, please click here.



Freja eID on my Android device is not working. How can I resolve this?

On May 14th 2018 we launched a new and important feature in Freja eID that gives Freja eID+ users an ID-protection service that alerts you if someone changes your official registered address (folkbokföringsadress) or special postal address (särskild postadress). This update requires Andriod users to install a new app Freja eID version 2.0.0 from Google Play. This is required for both basic and plus users. The 14 May update means that the old app is no longer working and after installing the new app you should delete the old app.

If you are an Android user you have received an email with detailed instructions on how to do the upgrade, so please check that to begin with. If you have questions please get in touch with our support at androidupdate@frejaeid.com or call 08-3 8 88 58. Our support is open daily between 8.00 and 22.00.

My email is already registered

If you have registered your email in a previous attempt, you will have to make an account restore to register Freja eID again. Click on “Restore” when you get the error message that your email is already in use. No one can register your email address without having access to your email account to confirm the registration.

I am not getting a confirmation email

After registering your email in the app, you need to confirm your address from the email we send you. If you don’t receive an email, please start by checking your spam folder. If you don’t find it there, try sending yourself a regular email, to check that your email connection actually is working. If it works fine, go back to the app and click “Send again” in the dialogue box. If it still doesn’t come, you might have entered the wrong email address in the registration and need to restart the process.

Email confirmation expired

You need to confirm your email address within 10 minutes of registration. If you run out of time, you need to restart the registration from the beginning. Your email address will not be registered at Freja eID until you confirm it.

I can´t get past the “Set PIN” screen

You need to set a PIN that is at least 6 digits long to get to the next stage. Also, the PIN in the upper and the lower field needs to be identical.

An action in the list is unclickable

Actions from services that require Freja eID Extended or Freja eID+ are greyed out in your action list. In order to unlock the action, you need to upgrade to Freja eID Extended or Freja eID+.

I don’t have a Swedish personal identity number

You need a Swedish personal identity number (svenskt personnummer) to upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+. If you have a coordination number (samordningsnummer), you cannot use it to do the upgrade.

I can´t get past the “Enter Swedish personal identity number” screen

You need to enter your full personal identity number with 12 digits: YYYYMMDDXXXX.

I don’t have any of the ID documents

To do the upgrade to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+ you need to choose an ID document: Swedish passport (not temporary), Swedish driving license, Swedish national ID card or SIS-marked card. If you do not have any of these documents as a proof of your identity, we cannot upgrade you to Freja eID Extended and Freja eID+.

I cannot take an ID photo

To initiate the ID photo session in the app, you need to allow Freja eID to access your mobile camera. You enable access in the settings of your phone or click “OK” in the dialogue box prompting you to allow camera access.

Why does the ID camera not take my photo?

You need to carefully follow the instructions in the app, with correct light in the image, your whole face visible in the circle and do the correct movements with your head. If the app cannot take an approved image of you within a certain time limit, you will be sent back to the previous screen. From there, just try again.

I can´t find any Freja eID agents

To find a Freja eID agent for the ID vetting, you need to have location services enabled on your phone. Then your nearest agents will be presented in a map view or in a list. Enable location services in the settings of your phone or click “OK” in the dialogue box prompting you to allow access.

I have finished the upgrade and nothing happens

After you have done the last step in the Freja eID+ upgrade, vetting your identity at a Freja eID agent, we need to confirm your details. This can take up to 3 hours after you have visited the Freja eID agent and you will be notified as soon as we have done the confirmation.