The Basics

Freja eID is a mobile electronic identity that allows you to identify yourself in many different ways. You can identify yourself to online services in order to use or access them (typical login/2FA). However, we believe that an e-ID is much more than that. With Freja eID you can identify yourself and others in the real world with a versatile feature of the Freja eID app that combines real-world usage, QR codes, identity sharing and more.

See all of Freja eID’s features in here, learn which services you can access here.

Why should I use Freja eID?

Generally, an e-ID is understood as something that you use to log in to an online service or give approval. We see e-IDs as much more than that.
So while Freja eID does let you access and approve actions for a growing number of online services, you also get:

  • Secure identity sharing via P2P – identify yourself and identify others with Freja eID
  • Protect yourself from ID theft – Freja eID warns you when there is an unauthorised change in your address
  • Seamless transition – start using Freja eID on a new device immediately
  • Don’t risk your personnummer – just use a QR code instead, a process which is just 1 click on mobile

That’s not all. Development on Freja eID is constant with old features being refined and new features being added to tackle the problems of the future.

What can I do on My Pages?

The main purpose of My Pages is to allow you to manage your Freja eID account.

You will find a detailed history of your actions in Freja eID there including data shared, which services you accessed and when. You can also see all services connected to Freja eID and temporarily disable the ones you don´t need for the moment.

Freja eID bears the ‘Svensk e-legitimation’ quality mark of the Swedish government’s Agency for Digital Government, and is currently the only mobile e-ID in Sweden that does.

Freja eID is integrated with leading IT-suppliers in Sweden such as CGI, Tieto and Svensk e-identitet who operate the use of electronic identities for municipalities, government authorities and companies. We have a steadily growing number of services that choose to let their users identify with Freja eID; a large number of municipalities, government agencies like Pensionsmyndigheten and Spelinspektionen and banks like Resurs Bank.

You can be sure that Freja eID is a that is under constant and thorough scrutiny by relevant Swedish authorities in order to ensure its safety for your use.

For you – the user, Freja eID is completely free of charge, of advertisements or buy-ins. But think of the services where you would use Freja eID – that’s who we charge.

What they get out of this is security because we guarantee your identity to them. On the other hand, you get a free, secure, convenient way to access more and more online services.

Freja eID is owned by Swedish IT company Verisec AB. Verisec is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and has been at the forefront of digital security since 2002. Read more about us here.

Your data is securely stored in Sweden in compliance with EU regulations. Only when you wish to access/use Freja eID for another service will your data be shared, and only then with your EXPLICIT consent. You will also always know exactly what data was shared and be able to see a history of all of these actions in My Pages.

For more information about how we manage your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.