Why should I add my document to Freja eID?

The purpose of an e-ID is to prove your identity in situations where your physical ID document cannot be used. So by adding your ID document to Freja eID you can get all the benefits of proving your identity online.

That’s not all. After you add a document to Freja eID, the app generates a secure ID card that contains some of your data – your name, age and photo. Now you can really start exploring with Freja eID and use P2P identification to identify yourself to other individuals. See here how.

How do I add a document to Freja eID?

Adding a document to Freja eID is simple:

Select a valid document
Scan it with the app
Register your face

That’s it. Our app will guide you through the process.

Which documents can I use?

You can add one of the following documents to Freja eID:

Swedish Passport
Swedish Driving Licence
Swedish National ID Card
SIS-marked ID Card
Swedish Tax Authority ID

In Norway, Finland, Denmark and the UK, you may add your passport.

Why do you even need my personnummer?

We need it to check that you are you. We use the official Swedish government database to perform this check. (to see more of how our security procedures work, check this page)

I don’t have any of those documents and/or a Swedish personnummer. What now?

If you chose ‘Sweden’ when registering you need it to proceed. However you can re-do the registration and choose another country, if you have a valid passport issued by that country. Currently we support passports from Norway, Finland, Denmark and the UK. Please note that to get Freja eID Plus you will need a Swedish ID document.

How do I scan my document?

Make sure you are in a well-lit space. Place the front side of your document – the side that has your picture and data – into the frame of the camera. Scanning should happen automatically.

If it still doesn’t work, you can enter your data manually and continue adding your document regularly.

Why do I need to do face registration?

Face registration is a security scan and is used to compare your face with the image of your face that is on your ID document. Read more about our security processes here.

How do I register my face?

In order to do the security scan successfully we must be able to see you clearly. Make sure you are in a well lit space, with no shadows or glare. We also recommend removing your glasses or any headwear.

My data could not be verified. What happened?

In the majority of cases this is due to a mistake during the registration of the ID document and as we have strict security regulations we need to ensure that everything is correct during the process (learn more here).

Don’t worry though, we sent you an email with the details of the problem in your specific case. Use this information to help you when you add your document to Freja eID again.

For tips regarding each specific situation please read below.

There was a problem with my photo.

The photo you take of yourself must be clear, sharp and in good lighting in order for us to accept it. Make sure to remove your glasses as well.

There was a problem with the photo of my document.

You need to take a photo of the front side of your document that is clear, sharp and in good lighting, so that the picture AND data on it are clearly visible.

There was a problem with my ID document.

The document that you select on the ‘Choose Document’ screen must be the document that you are registering. This document must not expire within 14 days of registering in Freja eID. This document cannot be a temporary passport.