A long-awaited feature in Freja has arrived. It’s important that your identity in Freja reflects your true self and there’s no better example of that than our picture. So if you’re not happy with yours, change it to one that you’re happier with!

Please keep in mind that this new picture still needs to adhere to our security standards.

How to Change Your Picture in Freja

Changing your photo in Freja is easy:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Manage Account
  3. Select Change Photo
  4. Follow the instructions

You can also initiate this in the Actions from the Freja home screen.

Because you can use this photo to identify yourself, we again need to check if it fulfils our security criteria: if your face is properly visible, in good lighting, that it’s not covered in any way etc.

Until we confirm your new picture, your old one will still be visible. After it is approved, there will be a short period in which you cannot change your picture again.