Each of the different registration steps in Freja has its own section below. Check the section that is relevant to you.

Connect your email to Freja

Enter your email address in the app and we’ll send you a confirmation link. You can confirm via your phone or your browser.
If you can’t find the confirmation email, try checking your spam folder.

Create a PIN

Create your own PIN in Freja and be sure to remember it. You will use it to access Freja and approve actions in the app.
You can use biometrics, but they are optional and your PIN will always be there as a backup.

Take a photo of yourself

Because Freja will become your digital document, your photo needs to be appropriate. Make sure that your face is clearly visible, just like for any ID photo.

You can try as many times as you like if you are not happy with your final photo.

How to take a proper photo

Here are some tips for taking a photo for Freja

  • Make sure that the lighting is good
  • Make sure that your face is clearly visible
  • Stand in front of a white background
  • Take off any hats or other headgear (religious clothing such as a hijab is fine)
  • Please take off your sunglasses

We recommend you use your biometric passport or Swedish national ID for registration in Freja

The process is more secure, and it enables us to grant you Freja+ immediately.

Freja+ is the highest level of security in Freja, and grants you access to government e-services.

If you use another ID document e.g. your driving licence, there will be an additional step to get Freja+. You will need to visit one of our agents to do a quick in-person security check.

Freja is primarily a Swedish e-ID and is currently being developed primarily for use in Sweden and for Swedish e-services.

Swedish citizens i.e. people with a Swedish personnummer and Swedish ID documents will be able to use all of Freja’s features.

Freja does support registration for citizens of all EU/EEA countries but only with a valid biometric passport. Freja’s functionality for these people will be limited.

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