Since Freja eID is an e-ID, we need your data to know who you are. In the registration process in Freja eID we try to make it as apparent as possible as to what data we need from you. Just in case though, here is the data that we store about you.

If you just added an email

  • your e-mail address (or addresses if you have registered more than one);
  • your phone number only if you added it yourself via My Pages;
  • your action history (the services that you used Freja eID for);
  • the model of your device and its operating system.

If you added a document to Freja eID

In addition to the previous, now we also store:

  • name, surname, and date of birth;
  • your personnummer;
  • your document’s reference number/ID number and expiry date;
  • your address registered in SPAR (and your special postal address if you have one);
  • the photo of your ID document;
  • the photo you take of yourself to be your Freja eID avatar image.

There is no additional data that we need to upgrade you to Freja eID Plus. For more details you can always refer to our Privacy Policy.

All data is stored and managed according to the highest security regulations. We store the data in a data center in Sweden according to GDPR. You can access your data via the app or via My Pages. However, some data is not available via these channels, for example the image of your ID document.

Your right to data portability

Get in touch with us, and we will transfer all the personal data that we store about you in a machine-readable format.

Your right to be forgotten

This right means that you can ask us to delete all of your personal data from our database. If you wish to do this, get in touch with us and we will help you. We will need verification of your identity to ensure that someone else isn’t trying to delete your e-ID.

For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy, section – YOUR RIGHTS. Please note that we are obliged to store some data for a longer time for the reason of Freja eID being an electronic identity.