The digital transformation relies on trust

Knowing who you are dealing with in the digital space and having systems that are secure is fundamental for digitalisation.

Freja eID is an electronic identity created by Verisec AB, a Swedish IT-security company founded in 2002 and listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm. The technology behind Freja eID was launched in 2009 and is used by banks, insurance companies and governments across the world, for managing digital identities.

A unique collaboration around eID

There has long been a demand for alternatives on the market for eID schemes in Sweden.

The challenge has been that there has been no way of doing the identity assurance with an ID check that is demanded by the Agency for Digital Government (DIGG), to issue the certification Svensk e-Legitimation (Swedish eID).

Thanks to the collaboration between Freja eID and ATG, this is now resolved. ATG has a nationwide network of shops, with the ability to do the identity assurance according to the regulations, with trained staff following the seven-step process of identity assurance issued by the Swedish Banking Association.

Choose the level of assurance that your operation requires

KYC-demands, online payments or access to the email at work? Depending on use there are different levels of assurance and Freja eID offers a unique choice.

There are four levels of identity assurance and the higher levels require more security and an identity assurance with ID of the users.
The higher the level, the more services the user can access with the eID. Depending on your needs, you decide which level your users should be on.

With Freja eID you can also choose different levels for different user groups and also raise the level at a later stage. In that way, you can quickly get started and extend the level of assurance as you add more services that are accessible with the eID.

Svensk e-legitimation – the official Swedish quality mark of electronic identities.

Svensk e-legitimation (Swedish eID) is a quality mark showing that an eID can be trusted, both for the organisation that has a digital service and for the user of the eID.

DIGG (the Swedish Agency for Digital Government) is the authority that reviews and approves electronic identities according to a framework following international standards. When an eID has been approved for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation it can be used for accessing public services, for example to the Tax Authority and other authorities.

Freja eID+ is approved for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation.

Security and regulations

Freja eID is built on advanced and proven security technology, used by banks and authorities all over the world to protect sensitive information and meet regulatory demands.

With Freja eID you will have two-factor authentication that meets the high standards put forward in the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), regarding online payments.

Freja eID makes it easier to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation in the EU, GDPR, not only by strengthening the protection of access to sensitive data but also by encrypting the communication of sensitive data with the end users.

Freja eID´s system and architecture are designed to meet the regulatory demands put forward in eIDAS, EU’s framework for electronic identification and trusted services across borders.