The key to your digital life!

Forget about password hassle and avoid ID theft with your own key to your digital life.

Freja eID is an electronic identity on your mobile that allows you to log in, sign and approve transactions and agreements with your fingerprint or PIN. It also lets you monitor and control your digital activities. And if you do a free of charge upgrade to Freja eID+, you´ll get an eID officially approved by the Swedish E-identification board with the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation.

Freja eID makes your digital life easier, it helps you avoid ID theft and fraud. And it’s all free of charge!

Forget password hassle

Remembering different passwords for all your different services is not only inconvenient, it is also very insecure.

With Freja eID, logging in becomes simple and secure. Just enter your username – your email address, and confirm with fingerprint or PIN in the app.

Avoid ID theft and fraud

With the signing function, you can sign and approve transactions, agreements, orders or any other digital activity.

The signing is as smooth as the login, using your fingerprint or PIN code. All your digital actions that need your attention is shown to you in the action list in the app – both login and signing actions that you need to approve or decline.

The signing function makes online fraud basically impossible if an online service or website is connected to Freja eID. No one else than you can then access the service, do transactions or purchases in your name.

Monitor your digital life

In My Pages, you can easily monitor your digital activities.

Track all your logins and see which transactions, agreements and other actions you have approved or declined.

In My Pages, you can also enable and disable the access to online services and websites. When a service is disabled, no one claiming to be you can access it. When you enable it you can access it again, with your Freja eID.

Easy to start and to upgrade

Freja eID comes with two levels of identity assurance, the basic level and Freja eID+.

The basic level of Freja eID is enabled directly after you have downloaded the app and done the self-registration. This gives you access to services with a lower requirement of identity assurance level.

Other services have requirements of a higher level of identity assurance. You can easily upgrade to this level – Freja eID+ – at any time, by doing an ID vetting at one of Freja eID’s agents across Sweden. Freja eID+ is an eID officilally approved by the Swedish E-identification Board for the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation.

Both Freja eID and Freja eID+ are always free of charge and free of advertising.

Read more about how to get Freja eID and Freja eID+ or download the app and follow the instructions.