With Freja eID+ you can now safely contact the healthcare by logging on to 1177.se for personalized e-services. Here you can perform errands with digital healthcare such as booking and cancelling an appointment, send messages, request documents, read your medical records, manage your children’s health care and much more. Vårdguiden e-services has simplified and streamlined an important part of everyone’s everyday life. By using Freja eID+ to access these e-services, you get complete control over your digital activities, increased security and the best user experience in the market.

Freja eID My Pages is your personal information center about your electronic identity. Here you find a clear account of what personal data is being stored and here you see the logins, transactions and other assignments that you have performed with your Freja eID+. Each assignment is reported with date and time. You can even control which services you want to allow access to. This is a convenient way to increase security on the internet. If you have turned off access to a service, no one who claims to be you can access the current service. In addition, Freja eID+ also includes a free ID protection that notifies you if an unauthorized change of your address occurs, that is the way many ID thefts begin.

From December 10, you must have an e-ID to be able to log in to 1177.se. This makes Freja eID+the obvious choice for those who want extra security and full control over your digital life.