Take Action immediately.

If you were not the one who initiated the change of address that Freja eID’s ID-protection service notified you about, you might be the victim of ID theft or fraud. If you suspect this, take immediate action to protect yourself.

1. Report the Crime

Call the police: 114 14; or go to the police station.
If you are outside of Sweden, call +46 77 114 14 00
The police has a webpage about ID hijacking.

2. Address in Skatteverket

You must change your registered address back, or cancel the registration if someone has added a special postal address in your name.

Visit Skatteverket´s website or call: 0771-567-567.

3. Temporarily block your Personnummer

Do this so that nobody can make loans or purchases in your name.

When you block your personnummer at one of the major credit companies, others will normally follow suit within the hour. These companies include UC, Bisnode, Creditsafe, Decidas Info and Syna. Your personnummer can be temporarily blocked for 14 days.

Click here to proceed to block your personnummer at UC.

4. Check potential mail forwarding

Make sure that nobody is forwarding your mail via Swedish Address Change (Svensk Adressändring), call 0771-97 98 99 or visit their website.

5. Block Your Lost Document

  • Driver’s licence: contact Transportstyrelsen.
  • Passport/national ID card: contact the police 114 14; if you are abroad +46 77 114 14 00. You can also go to the police station.
  • Skatteverket ID card: contact Skatteverket.
  • SIS ID card: contact the bank/organisation that issued it to you.

Please note that you must also report a lost ID to the police.

6. Secure Your Debit/Credit Card

If you think that your card details are compromised, contact your bank to lock it.