You who run a company can use Freja eID + as an identification method for access to e-services at Bolagsverket and Bolagsverket the app is a versatile tool in which you as an entrepreneur can easily log in with Freja eID+. offers you aggregated information from more than 45 authorities and the possibility to, with Freja eID+, carry out many errands that you as an entrepreneur need to do at the authorities.

Freja eID+ gives you better conditions for increased digital security and control over digital activities that you carry out at Bolagsverket and Through Freja eID My Pages, you have full control over the logins, e-signatures and other assignments you perform with Freja eID+, each assignment is presented with date and time. Here, you also get a clear account of what personal data is being stored. Freja eID+ and the e-services offered by Bolagsverket and makes it possible for you and your company to execute errands at authorities faster, more securely and with a greater degree of control and thus get more time to run the company forward.