Starting from 1 July, you will be able to access your health data regarding Covid-19 on This is called the Covid Certificate (previously also green certificate, covid passport etc.), and it can be in either paper or digital form. For now, this information will only contain your vaccination data, but from mid-July you will also be able to have your Covid-19 test there as well. Your digital Covid Certificate can also be stored in Freja eID.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The authorities behind the Covid Certificate are E-hälsomyndigheten, DIGG and Folkhälsomyndigheten. The role of Freja eID is only to store and display your vaccination data with your explicit consent. If you add your Covid Certificate to Freja eID, you can remove it any time you wish.

How do I store my Covid Certificate in Freja eID?

Här kan du se hur ditt covidbevis ser ut i Freja eIDIf you have been vaccinated against Covid-19, you should be able to find your Covid Certificate on in the form of a QR code. To add your Covid Certificate to Freja eID just follow these steps:

1. Visit
2. Find your Covid Certificate QR code
3. Scan the QR code with Freja eID (there is a QR code scanner on the main bar)
4. Confirm that you wish to add your Covid Certificate to Freja eID
5. Done! You will see your Certificate displayed in Freja eID

Are there any special requirements?

Freja eID and all its features are completely free to use. The only requirement is that you need to add your ID document to Freja eID so we can verify your identity. Once your identity is verified, you can add your Covid Certificate to Freja eID.

How do I use my Covid Certificate?

You can use your Covid Certificate to prove that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. The main idea behind it was to enable easier travel, but it remains to be seen how this Certificate will be adapted for use in everyday life. Please keep in mind that various countries may have different requirements on the content of the Covid Certificate to allow entry – for example, which vaccines, how many doses and what period of time may or must have elapsed since the latest vaccination varies.

Regardless, storing your Covid Certificate in Freja eID will make it convenient to access and safe to store. It will be right next to your digital identity in Freja eID that you can already use like an ID document.

Therefore, your Covid Certificate in Freja eID would be like a digital card or ID that you can show to people to prove that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. For further proof, there is also a QR code that someone can scan to get a record of your vaccination data.

If you have any further questions about the Covid Certificate in Freja eID, please see the FAQs on our website. If you would like to know more about how this data is handled, please see our Privacy Policy.

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