Proving your identity to an online service

When you are on the login page of a service that supports Freja eID, enter your email or personnummer (depending on the service). You will then receive an action in the Freja eID mobile app that you need to approve with your PIN or biometrics. By doing so you will identify yourself to the service and be able to access/use it.

My service is showing me a code that I need to scan. What do I do?

This means you can identify yourself even more quickly and safely with this method. This is what you do:

  1. Open the Freja eID mobile app;
  2. Open the scanner (tap the icon in the middle between ‘Home’ and ‘Settings’);
  3. Scan the code on the screen;
  4. Approve in the app;
  5. Done!

If you need practice, try logging in to My Pages like this. Just scan and approve.

Whenever something requires your approval, you will see it in the Freja eID app. Nothing will happen, no data will be shared until you approve an action with your PIN or biometrics. You will always be able to see what data you are sharing.

Freja eID offers you great flexibility in using the data you added to it to prove your identity. After adding a document to Freja eID, you will notice an ID card that is generated from your data. By tapping this card you can access a versatile screen where you can:

1. Show – simply show the open screen like you would any ID document to prove your identity or age
2. Scan – the QR code on the screen contains your photo, name and age. You can scan someone else’s code or they can scan yours.
3. Share – tap button to share your e-ID with other people via message, email, Airdrop. They don’t need Freja eID to be able to see it!

This button is there to allow you to quickly initiate the process for getting Freja eID Plus.

This is a functionality of Freja eID called Organisation eID. Freja eID is your personal eID but it also allows you to have an Organisation eID that connected to a company. This makes it so that your personal and professional digital lives are completely separate, without sacrificing any of the convenience that Freja eID brings.

If you have received an action to confirm adding an Organisation eID you approve it the same way as with other Freja eID actions – given that you approve to have this functionality added of course.