Great news for our new Freja users – skip the in-person security check for Freja+ by using your passport for registration.

In addition to the passport, the Swedish National ID will also be supported in this way soon.

What’s the Difference to the Previous Process?

To get Freja+, users used to have to visit one of our agents for a quick in-person check.

This short meeting is required by Swedish law to make a connection between your digital and ‘physical’ identity.

What is different now is that if you use a passport for registration and pass our security check, you will get Freja+ immediately without having to visit our agent.

For more information we have a detailed registration guide for the entire process.

Quick facts

Are other ID documents still accepted in Freja?

Yes, it’s just that you will have to get Freja+ by visiting one of our agents.

I have already added a passport before, what should I do?

If you used a passport to verify your identity in Freja, but haven’t gotten Freja+ in the meantime there are 2 options for you:

  1. Simply, visit one of our agents for a quick in-person security check to get Freja+;
  2. If you are not able to go to a Freja agent, delete your Freja account from Settings and redo the registration – if everything checks out, you will get Freja+.

I don’t have a valid Swedish passport, can I still register?

Yes, you will just need to use another valid ID document such as a driving licence and will need to visit one of our agents to get Freja+.