Due to the ongoing Covid 19 epidemic, our healthcare system has been under incredible strain and medical workers have bravely been fighting to test, provide medical assistance and vaccinate those in need. You can do your part by making sure that everyone in your family above 13 has Freja eID Plus to be able to log in to 1177.se

During a period it was possible to access 1177.se with Freja eID without the requirement for a physical vetting at the issuance. This period is now over and 1177.se again has the requirement for Plus. It is easy and free of charge to upgrade:

  • Tap on the Plus badge in the home screen, or
  • Go to Settings and choose Register Freja eID Plus
  • Follow the instructions to find a vetting agent

Read more here about how to get Freja eID Plus – so you can be sure to access 1177.se

Don’t have Freja? Download it and register in a couple of steps.