Freja is an e-ID developed by Freja eID Group AB (publ), a Swedish IT security company listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm. The technology behind Freja is used by banks, companies and government agencies worldwide to handle digital identities and protect sensitive data.


All the complexities that make up an individual human being’s identity can never be reduced down to just  data. Nevertheless, in order for the world to function, society has formalised what it means for you to be you in the form of certain information – name, date of birth, address and so on.

Have you ever thought why someone trusts you when you show your ID? It’s because there is trust in the authority guaranteeing the validity of that document and the data inside.


Transfer this logic to the digital world and you will find that, intuitively, it functions very much the same. When you are identifying yourself with an e-ID, trust needs to be established. Trust that this e-ID is secure, that there is an authority guaranteeing its validity.

So how do we achieve this for Freja? On this page we will explain our security processes because we want to establish trust with you, and to make the use of Freja as transparent to you as possible.

Proven Technology and Regulatory Compliance

The technology behind Freja is based on the most modern cryptographic algorithms and established security standards to ensure a high level of trust.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our systems and processes have been thoroughly reviewed and are under constant scrutiny by relevant institutions of the Swedish government to comply with Swedish and EU law. Freja is currently the only mobile  e-ID in Sweden with the ‘Svensk e-legitimation‘ quality mark for both private and professional use.


We must ensure that the data you submit to us is valid, thus creating a trusted link between you, your physical identity and your digital one. That is why the process of adding a document to Freja is so thorough.

After you submit your data, our security team verifies its authenticity by cross-checking it with the Swedish police and relevant government databases (such as SPAR).

This is done on workdays, between 8 and 22h, and usually takes several minutes. So if you submit your data during the weekend, it will be verified on the first possible work day.

All of your data is stored in the EU according to the strictest GDPR requirements.


Freja eID is approved by the Swedish government because it fulfills their security criteria. That is why you can access government services with Freja eID+.

A physical meeting is one of those security criteria. ATG’s network of over 2000 stores allows us to provide you with a convenient and quick way to do this.

This is not the only security check as your data has already been verified by our security team. The ID check that you are undergoing is just a meeting to prove you are a real person and the ID-document is valid.. After that, we are allowed to grant you Freja eID+.

The Freja app is available on all stores. Try it out today!

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