Freja’s electronic identity is available in three different levels for you as a user. Here we explain how this works and what you do to reach the different levels.

Why three levels?

There are different requirements from the e-services that use Freja. Some services, for example, require a higher level of trust to meet various security requirements. Instead of requiring all users to have the highest level – when it is not always necessary – we have made it easier for you as a user by dividing into three levels.

What are the levels?

  1. Freja registered with e-mail

Here, all you have to do is download the app on your phone or tablet and register with an email address. You must be able to verify the address in an email sent during the registration process. You must also enter a PIN code of your choice. This level is available to everyone.

  1. Freja verified with ID document

Here you also have to register a valid ID document, take a selfie and check that you are a living person. As this step is controlled by our security staff, it may take a while for you to be approved. This level is available to users from a certain number of countries. Here you can see which countries are supported.

  1. Freja Plus

This is available to users with a Swedish personnummer or verified coordination number for people from the EU, EEA and Great Britain. If you have a Swedish personnummer and register with an ID document according to step two above, you will in most cases receive Plus directly, if you use your passport or your Swedish national ID card. If you use a Swedish driver’s license or the Swedish Tax Agency’s ID document, you must do a physical ID check to get Plus. If you register with coordination number, you must also enter a security code that will be sent to your postal address.

When you are at a certain level you can easily go to the next if you meet the requirements.

To read more detailed instructions on how to get Freja, there is a complete registration guide via this link.