If you are a Swedish citizen with a protected identity, chances are you are severely limited in your capacity to have an e-ID and access online services. This is yet another form of digital exclusion that many people are experiencing as society becomes more and more digital.

Fortunately, Freja can play at least a small part in combatting this phenomenon as Swedes with protected identities can now get Freja eID, which is the first government approved mobile e-ID in Sweden to access a growing number of online services in Sweden.

Step into the digital world with Freja

You can now complete your registration in Freja eID even if you have a protected identity. The only condition is that you must use your Swedish passport to register. The reason why you need to use your passport is because it is the ID that we can trust the most.

We have a detailed registration guide on our website if you prefer that, but in summary:

  1. Download Freja eID (if you don’t have it)
  2. Register your email and set a PIN
  3. Add your photo and ID document to the app so we can verify you
  4. Once you are verified you need to visit one of our vetting agents in Sweden to get Freja eID Plus

Is it safe to use Freja with a protected identity?

When using Freja eID we will never share protected information such as your address. All other data that is shared requires your explicit consent in the app each time you do a transaction. This means you have full control of the data you are sharing and to whom.

What are the benefits of using Freja?

You will gain access to more than 300 online services connected to Freja eID.

The function to digitally store and show your Covid Certificate – your vaccination data, and test and recovery results will also become available.

Finally, you will be able to use the digital ID card in Freja instead of your ID at more than 5000 locations.