Until recently it was not possible for people without a Swedish personnummer to get Freja+ due to government regulations.

Fortunately, circumstances are changing so it is now possible for you to get Freja+ if you are a foreigner living in Sweden.

Requirements for Foreigners

The first requirement is that you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country. If you are not, we are planning to add more countries in the future so stay tuned.

If you are from an eligible country, you must have a verified coordination number. All information about coordination numbers can be found on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website, but in short – you must go to the Swedish Tax Agency in person and be verified there by an official.

A coordination number IS NOT your social security number or any similar equivalent from your home country. It is a number issued by the Swedish Tax Authority to foreign citizens.

Procedure for Getting Freja+ as a Foreigner

If you fulfil these criteria, you can easily get Freja+ by following the steps in the Freja app:

  1. Begin the process from the home screen in the Freja mobile app
  2. Enter your coordination number
  3. Confirm your address registered in the Swedish Tax Agency’s register (SPAR)
  4. We will send you a letter with a security code
  5. Wait for your letter to arrive and enter the security code from it into Freja

You now have Freja+

If you have a Swedish personnummer but created Freja with a foreign passport, you can get Freja+ but the procedure will be different for you. Please consult this page for more information.