Registering Freja

If you’re looking for a registration guide that can help you with registering Freja+, we have one prepared that will guide you through the entire process.

How long does registration take?

When you add an ID document to Freja for verification this data is checked by our security team and takes around 15 minutes on average – please keep in mind that this depends on working hours; checks are performed on work days between 8-22 as well as some hours during weekends.

For Freja+, after you complete your in-person check, as a security measure required by Swedish law, it takes up to 3 hours for the upgrade to take effect.

What is the age limit for Freja?

The minimum age to use Freja is 8 with consent from your parent or legal guardian. By accepting the Terms and Conditions during registration you are confirming that you have this consent. Consent is not required for children over the age of 13.

I’m a Swede living abroad, can I get Freja?

I have been living abroad for fewer than 5 years:

If it has been fewer than 5 years since you unregistered from the Swedish Population Register (Folkbokföringsregistret or SPAR), you can get Freja with any valid Swedish ID document and are eligible to get Freja+.

We recommend that you use your Swedish passport or national ID card to get Freja+ immediately. If you use another ID, your driving licence for example, to get Freja+ you will need to visit one of our agents in Sweden for a final security check.

I have been living abroad for more than 5 years:

Since 1 September 2023, the Swedish Population Register (Folkbokföringsregistret or SPAR) removes the data of emigrants from their database after a 5-year period.

Anyone who has emigrated (including people with a protected identity) can request that the removal period be delayed for another 5-year period. Such a request can be made as long as the person is an emigrant and there in a need for them to remain in the SPAR database.

SPAR may also re-enter data about a person who had previously been removed.

Therefore, as long as your personal data is in the SPAR database, you can get Freja+ (read above for more details)

Can I get Freja if I have a protected identity?

Yes, you can get Freja and Freja+, but you must use a Swedish passport to register. For Freja+ you must bring your passport to the ATG agent for the identity check. Important note – the agent is only verifying your identity in-person, no data is being collected nor are any lookups being performed.

When using Freja we will not share protected information such as your address. All other data that is shared requires your explicit consent in the app each time you do a transaction. This means you have full control of the data you are sharing and to whom.

Can I get Freja if I’m not a Swedish citizen?

Yes. Passports of all EU/EEA countries, the UK and Ukraine are accepted as valid ID documents for registration in Freja.

Bear in mind that Freja is a Swedish e-ID, currently primarily intended for use in Sweden, therefore some features of Freja may be restricted or limited to you e.g. you will not be able to get Freja+.

Can I get Freja if I have a coordination number?

Yes. As long as you are registered in the Swedish Population Register (Folkbokföringsregistret) or have been deregistered less than 3 years ago. You must have a valid Swedish ID document.

Can I get Freja if I have dual citizenship?

It is preferable for you to use your Swedish ID document for registration.

Can I get Freja if I don’t have a valid ID?

No. We need a valid ID in order to verify your identity.

I’m not receiving a confirmation email

Check that your email is correct, check your spam folder, check your bin. If you still can’t find it, resend the confirmation email from the mobile app.

The app is telling me that my ‘Email is Already Registered’

This means that you have already used this email to create a Freja account before. If you still have access to that email, you can restore your account. Otherwise, you can choose to register with another email.

I’m not receiving my PIN code

We don’t send PIN codes, you must set your PIN code yourself.

Can I change my PIN in the future?

If you enter your PIN inco