What is Freja eID Plus?

It is the highest level of identity assurance in Freja eID. This level of identity assurance bears the quality mark ‘svensk e-legitimation’ that is issued by the Swedish government’s Agency for Digital Government.

Why should I get Freda eID Plus?

Because you can use Freja eID for services such as Pensionsmyndigheten, Resurs Bank, Spelpaus (see all services here). You will also unlock a feature in Freja eID called ID Protection. It alerts you when somebody changes your officially registered address and allows you to act quickly in case of ID theft. Read more about ID Protection here.

The word ‘Plus’ sounds expensive. Does Freja eID Plus cost anything?

No, Freja eID Plus is completely free to use. The word ‘Plus’ refers to its functionality, not exclusivity.

I just added my document. Why do I have to do another ID check?

Freja eID Plus is regulated by Swedish government regulations. This law requires an in-person ID check to make a connection between your physical and digital identity i.e. to connect the physical you to your digital e-ID.

Think of this as more of a quick meeting than a security check of your data (our security team already did that when you added your document to Freja eID).

You can read about our security processes here.

So how do I get it?

You can start the process in three ways:

  1. Tap the ‘Government Approved Freja eID Plus’ card;
  2. Open your personal eID and fin the ‘ID Check’ button in the lower-left corner. Tapping it will begin the process for Freja eID Plus;
  3. Go to Settings and select the option ‘ Register Freja eID Plus’.

You need to bring your phone and document (that you added to Freja eID) to a clerk in one of the locations of our partner ATG. Once there, tell them you are there to get Freja eID Plus. Show them your document and the QR code that you can generate in your Freja eID app.

How do I find available locations to do the ID check?

The ID check is done in collaboration with ATG (Aktiebolaget Trav & Galopp). However, NOT ALL ATGs are able to perform the ID check.

The Freja eID app will show you a list of AVAILABLE ATGs starting from the nearest one. You can also switch to a map to help you find your bearings more easily.

Can I trust the person doing the ID check?

The ATG clerk is there for 3 things: 1. to verify that you are a real person (to fulfil regulatory requirements) and 2. to scan the QR code in your Freja eID (so that we know to upgrade you to Freja eID Plus) 3. to validate that your ID document is authentic

We are not sharing any of your personal data with ATG.

I have completed my ID check and nothing happened. When is it done?

It takes around 3 hours for our system to upgrade your account to Freja eID Plus. You can close the app, we will notify you when it’s done. In the meantime, you can use Freja eID normally.