How do I get Freja eID?

If you have an iPhone, you can get Freja eID here. If you have an Android phone, you can get it here.

After you download the app, you will need to register an account. To learn more about registration, please see this page.

Are there any age requirements to get Freja eID?

To use Freja eID you have to be of legal age or to get consent from your legal guardian. By accepting the terms and conditions when you register in the app you confirm – if you are under the age of 18 – that you have this consent.

Please note that having an electronic identity does not automatically give you access to all services where an eID can be used; this is ruled by the age limit of the service you want to use.

Which country should I choose?

Choose the country of your citizenship i.e. if you have a Swedish passport, choose Sweden. If you have multiple citizenships, choose the country where you will be using Freja eID the most.

I already have Freja eID but I have a new phone. What do I do?

We recommend you add your new device to Freja eID before getting rid of your old one because it is the easiest way to start using Freja eID straight away.

If you don’t have access to your old device, you can restore your account but you will have to add your document and get Freja eID Plus again. This is a security measure that prevents someone who knows your email from taking control over your Freja eID account.

My parents/grandparents are not that tech-savvy. Can they get Freja eID too?

Of course, Freja eID has been designed to be simple to use for everyone. If they have any issues they can contact us and we will help them.

Can I have more than one Freja eID on my phone?

Unfortunately, Freja eID does not have that functionality currently since it is designed as a personal e-ID.


I am not getting a confirmation email

Make sure your chosen email address is correct. If it is, check your spam/junk folder, it must’ve got lost in there.

My confirmation email expired

They expire after 10 minutes, but no worries, just send yourself another one from the app.

The app is telling me that my ‘Email is Already Registered’

This means that you have already created a Freja eID account before and forgotten about it. If you still have access to that email, you can restore that account. Otherwise, you can choose to register with another email.

Why do you even need my email?

We need it because we create your Freja eID account based on it, so make sure that it’s an email you have access to. We will not spam you with any promotions or marketing whatsoever.


What is the deal with the PIN?

You will use it to approve actions in the Freja eID app. Make sure to remember it because you can’t reset it.

To make your life easier, you can use your phone’s biometrics (Touch/Face ID on iOS; fingerprint on Android) for the same purpose.

Do I really have to use my fingerprint or face?

No, it is optional to make your life easier. If you feel safer using your PIN feel free to do so.